The document

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The Statute

It’s the main document of the company, containing all the basic information about our structure, organization and responsibilities.

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The ethical code

In addition to the Organizational Model D.Lgs. 231/2001, our “Code of Ethics” describes the values and principles behind our company’s activities and aims to guide the conduct of the recipients to ensure that they conform to the company principles, as well as to meet the requirements that the Model intends to achieve.

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The 231 Model

To ensure fairness and transparency in how the company is managed, we have adopted an Organization, Management and Control Model, in accordance with the Legislative Decree 231/01. To oversee the implementation of Model 231/01, the Board of Directors has appointed a Supervisory Board (SB) in charge of verifying its effectiveness, efficacy and adjustment over time.

Anyone, whether employees, business partners or third parties, who wishes to get in touch with the Supervisory Board or report any violations of Model 231/01 and/or the Code of Ethics can use the following means of communication:

– By e-mail: odv@emilianaconserve.it

– By mail to the following address: To the attention of the Supervisory Body of Emiliana Conserve SPA Via Vivaldi 7 – 43011 Busseto (PR)

Board of Directors & Board of Statutory Auditors

Management and control bodies

The company has adopted a modern governance system that aims to reconcile effectiveness in strategic decisions and controls over every component of the business and the organization. The Board of Directors is chaired by Gianni Brusatassi, with Gian Mario Bosoni in the role of CEO.

The Board of Statutory Auditors is chaired by Alessandro Picinini and the legal audit is entrusted to Deloitte & Touche SPA.